Notes: In these tutorials, I will show you how to wrap 3 different types of irregular stones. Rock Jewelry Stone Jewelry Metal … Basic Techniques isolated copper wire wrapped stone. Once you have mastered the art of coiling, you can create just about any design you can imagine. 245. DIY Wire Wrapped Pendant .. You don’t want sharp ends sticking out to scratch your skin or snag your clothing.Use pliers to squish your ends flat against your piece or to tuck them into existing wirework. ; Coiling – A very simple wire wrapping … Article by The Beading Gem. Hi Ava, depending on whether your undrilled stones are flat, rounded or very irregular in shape, my best advice would be to first look at the sample photos of these four choices: 1.For a flat stone, similar to a … One of the most important techniques to learn for wire-wrapping crystals is coiling. Article from ... 2 Ways to Wire Wrap Irregular Gemstone Nuggets. Jewelry Making Tips - Jewelry Business Tips 2 Ways to Wire Wrap Irregular Gemstone Nuggets Reviewed by The Beading Gem on Sunday, August 30, 2015 Rating: 5 Tags : gemstone jewelry necklace tutorial wire … how to wire wrap gemstone nuggets. A few notes about wire wrap stone techniques: Tucking wire ends – you’ll find many times that I tell you to “trim and tuck” your ends. • How to wire wrap small stones • How to wire wrap stones without holes / How to wire wrap undrilled stones • How to wire wrap crystals • 2 examples of how to make a simple bail. Start by cutting a piece of your 20-gauge wire and a much longer piece of your 26-gauge wire.


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