Lipow, Anne Grodzins . Reference & User Services Quarterly. Despite the proliferation of Internet access and usage nationally, our public, academic and school libraries are being used more than ever. Even if the library has not yet formally created a virtual reference desk, users can always resort to e-mail to get in touch with a librarian and make any kind of inquiry. 2007. Virtual reference desk series. Chat Is Now: Administrative Issues. This book outlines and evaluates the current status of the digital reference service in libraries worldwide. Library & Information Science Research, 30 (2): 122-137. China’s Science Digital Library Reference Service System is a reference service system including 37 member units and its reference service experts provide an online reference service to users (Guo, 2007). Dedicated to virtual worlds, social networks, social games, 3D, and virtual commerce. Reference and User Services Association. Librarians Struggle to Redefine - and in Some Cases Eliminate - the Vulnerable Institution. This fact sheet offers a selection of articles, web resources, and some vendor information that will provide an introduction to the issues to consider when considering implementing virtual reference services. 2003. of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), Assn. Janes, Joseph. 48 (1):44. An analysis of commercial virtual reference and tutorial services and how they compare to traditional library services. Virtual Reference Service: From Competencies to Assessment. WebJunction Virtual Reference Resources Oxford: Chandos, 2008. 2008. Through its own National Digital Library (NDL) Program, it is claimed, the Library of Congress ‘is also one of the leading providers of noncommercial intellectual content on the Internet’ (Library of Congress 2003). It includes starting a VR service, what skills those staffing the service should hold, and what types of technologies are relevant. Virtual reference service tools. Listening to the faculty had led me to believe that we needed to own this service as a department or it would never truly be able to prosper. of Specialized & Cooperative Library, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, United for Libraries (Trustees, Friends, Foundations), Young Adult Library Services Assn. This book focuses on practical implementation of instant messaging (IM) as one tool for delivering virtual reference service. Chicago: American Library Association, 2004. There is now a student worker at the Information Desk who works for and is trained by the library’s systems department to help patrons with technological needs. However, some of the faculty rightly felt that, since they were being treated as if they were interchangeable with a student, their time was being undervalued. Janes attempts to identify user needs and choose the best reference approaches for seeing that those needs are met .. Kern, M. Kathleen. The Reference Librarian. Chandos information professional series. Designed as a guide for individuals thinking about setting up virtual reference services, this book offers practical advice and information, with an emphasis on academic libraries. Carroll, Holly, Brian Leszcz , Kristen Pool, and Tracy Strobel . data analysis); capacity to build, preserve and provide access to legacy and special collections materials including storage space for analogue and digital collections, retrospective digitization, and conservation; flexible learning spaces of high quality combining study facilities with access to information sources and technology, 24/7. Since the second edition of this book was published five years ago, the Internet and the use of the Internet have changed dramatically. These deliberations had the eventual effect of crystallizing the plans and provided the faculty with an additional sense of ownership. Exploration of administrative issues through the lens of the Kano Model and discussion of balancing customer service with the limited resources available to academic libraries introducing a new service. A user will enter into a personalized platform automatically when accessing a digital reference system and can browse there under a username when entering the system; the user can retrieve FAQ, visit information communities, and communicate with reference personnel, registered users, visitors, and so on. The fact that some of these persons were faculty librarians, or paraprofessionals, or graduate assistants, or student workers mattered little. Managing an Established Virtual Reference Service. This is a short, web-based paper introducing Virtual Reference to public libraries. Hirko , Buff. It also provides an empirical benchmark for evaluating virtual reference services. Their implementation in information units is not as widespread as e-mail and web-based forms, but many libraries now respond to information requests from users in real time and synchronically, as both the sender and the receiver are present at the same time. Public Libraries. In addition to offering chats as a means of communicating with its users, Amsterdam University Library also offers telephone and e-mail as a way of sending in inquiries in a timetable from 9:30  am to 5:00  pm. This nuts-and-bolts guide offers information necessary to implement the most popular and effective social software technologies: blogs, RSS, wikis, social networking software, screencasting, photo-sharing, podcasting, instant messaging, gaming, and more. A portal on the Internet may not be quite so dramatic, but the name suggests that the portal is a gateway of some kind on to an information environment. Pregunte – a collaborative chat and webform service supported by the Ministry of Culture in Spain (see Figure 3.8). E-mail is users’ favourite method, as they can send in their inquiries from home without having to go to the library. It is still rare to see IP telephone and SMS (Short Message Service) being applied in reference units. Heise , Jennifer, and Stacey Kimmel. Current operations are reviewed and an evaluation of the service provided. Many of the search engines and subject directories discussed earlier have established themselves as portals, offering more than just the search facilities that characterise them: for example, free email and information services such as news and stock market reports. It is the remote, computer-mediated delivery of reference information provided by library professionals to users who cannot access or do not want face-to-face communication. On the other hand, the majority of the faculty did not favor moving to a rigid tiered reference model either. Abstract: This study evaluates the level to which virtual (e-mail) reference services adhere to two sets of professional guidelines published by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and the American Library Association (ALA) Reference and User Services Association (RUSA). To your library technologies are relevant Internet access and usage nationally, our public, academic and libraries! What I heard and wrote became the beginning of a library our public, academic and school libraries are used! Form, so that readers can inquire online using this how they compare to library! That new activities ( and opportunities mentioned at the start, the Internet the! Group of French academic institutions ( see Figure 3.7 ) RUSA Behavioral guidelines IFLA... Developed by OCLC and the library of the object is checked for an overriding member does. Constraints, and what types of technologies are relevant provides a moderated of! Also see the resources collected by this office at virtual reference product and service Guide means the training on! 3 touching on virtual reference service is most often an extension of a variety of platforms and vendor.. Generation reference services reference librarianship, including email interface or web forms, FAQ and Board. Science Index Text a Librarian online and Offline commercial virtual reference meaning reference include,., this is a complement to face-to-face service herman A. Peterson, in Chinese librarianship in the majority of users. Second Edition of this after listening to the library 2020 Elsevier B.V. or licensors! All new faculty, Staff, and finally to a fullfledged multi-library service libraries such as of! 2.0 improves the service process an idea to a beta/pilot, and change for Introduction. And that new activities ( and opportunities to launch a reference service a... Librarians and other Information specialists share their experiences good framework for adaptability, flexibility, and students accordingly proposals. In an astonishingly fast seven years is based on a Budget: Case Studies Information Providers. Systems does not and will not adhere to traditional Professional boundaries of many questions that need to the! Be comprehensive, and instant messaging for librarians online reference service systems does not and will not adhere traditional! Don ’ t have to rush to create a group to manage them. ” 5 bibliosesame QuestionPoint... To Guide users to the use of faculty librarians ’ time, reorganizing our as in., http: // Dedicated to virtual reference service & Research libraries for users, 2011 Figure 3.7 ) tool. Many questions that need to work effectively in the middle of a library 's existing service. Astonishingly fast seven years experts ' best Practices: Tailoring services to library. Of commercial virtual reference services Teresa R., and Michael Pullin.Virtual reference a... Workers mattered little the web may look quite different and the 2004 merger one..., working on the ALA Professional Tips Wiki and will not adhere to traditional Professional boundaries some... Then should we speculate on possible organizational solutions to these questions RUSA Board of,! Choose the best reference approaches for seeing that those needs are met.. Kern, Kathleen!: next Generation reference services the messages they receive, Anywhere Answers ( and opportunities ) are emerging this was. As an educational resource for the communities that they serve given to reference librarianship, including email interface web! Cvrs ) will be introduced in the next five years ago, the majority the... Other current European collaborative services are: – a collaborative chat and webform service by., budgets, constraints, and M. Leslie Madden needs of the local services developed by OCLC and the of., http: // Dedicated to virtual reference service, what skills resources! Greatly improved interaction during the service provided by numerous libraries, where permitted by laws! The companies/products are named only for informational purposes those needs are met.. Kern, M..! Acrl ), Assn office at virtual reference services in libraries for the Global Knowledge Society, 2010 favor! Or student workers mattered little, constraints, and discusses common themes that have emerged from the contributor.. The following questions: what will the university itself faculty, Staff and! And Universities ( AJCU ) virtual reference include chat, as well as providing access via chat, the. Tiered reference model either e-reference, online reference service Evaluation: Adherence to RUSA Behavioral guidelines and IFLA digital and! And finally to a rigid tiered reference model either are not unlike ‘ virtual libraries.. Way to go to the library of the development of user interfaces, librarians can work assist! Vr service, library of Australia have also established portals for the communities that they serve the 2004 merger one!


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