Scout the map and make some allies. Hey Everyone, I am getting slightly frustrated with the Teclis campaign so far. Please see the. Net of Amyntok is great although it doesnt last long and i cant really take that much advantage against armoured troops. On ANY difficulty, letting them build up will result in your demise - especially since the Blood Coven(?) Also, there are a lot more traits that are different now, some better, some worse, such as vigorous 15 ward, no vigor loss, and charmed, 10 ward. A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. Get in good with the Citadel of Dusk and all your nearby homies, then start to make amends with your brother through trade. *, @Cowardly Camper - I think you are right from when Imrik came out, I've just been so busy with other stuff that I haven't played another campaign and reviewed the traits. Not gonna lie though, it IS hard - but any fights Teclis should get into should be relatively easy due to Flock of Doom spam ( unless they're rocking significantly higher tier units than you ) + net and Archers. Wanted to ask what your takes are on archer variants for the High Elves? But yeah their skirmishing cavalry sucks, and quite honestly with the unit stopping bug, I find the only reason I'd bring ellyrion cavalry negated totally. For Teclis focus on getting all your spells - get the flock of doom as it shreds skaven and then get a single target nuke like arcane unforging for lords. 6 should be all you need, the rest should be Entrepreneurs to maximize your income. You have bad economy, bad public order, rebellions popping up, Sentinels of Xeti breathing down your neck, Blood Coven betraying you at every turn, and Pestilens and Skyre wining everything, all the time with no opposition. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. —Teclis, Loremaster of Ulthuan. What spells would you recommend getting on Teclis. I recommend moving along the coastline south towards Citidel of the Dusk. On hard I wiped out sentinels asap and beat back the DE, but left their island for later. Really proud of all the work you put into this. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Total War: WARHAMMER II. Pestilence became no2 power so I left them alone until I wiped out orcs etc and was bordering the southern colonies. Horde influence to get … It is their destiny to perform mighty deeds and shape the fate of kingdoms. The Ultimate Min/Max Guide to Winning Tyrion's Campaign as quickly and efficiently as possible. @Flyash - It has been forever since I played a campaign, I don't know if they moved heroes to different buildings, but the gist is, if you want more heroes, you gotta build more of the buildings that allow that hero. I do have one question hopefully someone can clarify for me; with the limitation on nobles, mages, etc. It seems to pair well with Teclis. I had no issues with that campaign. Thanks for putting all of your guides in the multiplayer category, very helpful and insightful. I seriously think that the AI Skaven are improperly weighted in auto resolve as I havent seen them lose any territory or battles ever, in fact I saw a full stack of clanrats and skavenslaves fight a full stack of spine of sotek dwarfs with grudge throwers, thunderers, warriors and lose everything to the Dwarf while the Skaven stack lost zero. I think I had more trade agreements with the lizardmen than the elves for first part of my game. I never got to Phoenix Guard or Swordmasters of Hoeth because they cost a fortune and the buildings needed are top tier (which I havent got to yet). I think an important thing is to minimize armies and army buildings until you really need them. Use your influence to befriend Lizards - I actually managed to defensive alliance Hexoatl and Itza (I didn't do any rituals). 2 here is what saved my game. :). I have restarted it about 9 times, but I'm determined to do well in it (as it was my first random choice from release) however it just seems like you are always bashing your head against a brick wall from start to finish. It's also somewhat useful to use your phoenix as a tank to shore up the enemies in archery range due to it's nifty melee attack malus aura and Teclis regenerate spell. So if you are planning to start a new campaign now, make sure you go to the game's Properties in Steam, click on "Beta", and opt into the "coast_beta" patch to fix that, or wait until the next big update. The book out right calls it "consumptive" which is an old time word for tuberculosis, not a fun disease at all (though unlike tuberculosis, Teclis' condition isn't communicable). I did go up the blue line first in my last try and I did love the upkeep and regeneration out of combat but it left Teclis without spells or army buffs. And get as many Conscientious Nobles as you can so that subsequent Lords and Nobles recruit at a high rank. I want these guides to be some of the best resources for this game. The climate's not great but some settlements are better than no settlements, and in my experience, moving too far inland, or even north, tends to be disastrous because of the seas - and the obnoxious amount of Skaven stacks that start to spawn. Teclis, along with his brother Tyrion, were born as twin sons to the scholarly Prince Arathion, a distant descendant to Phoenix King Aenarion himself.


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