It is amazing how the people from Sagada manage to keep these traditions alive in these technology-driven times. for themselves. and to provide animals for sacrifice if they fall ill, and they have work and ceremony. Even those who live in the cities still keep up with the practices. traditional history of the village and the ward, the ceremonies and the normally spend their evenings in the dapay or persons. The “gubgubbao” is done when the umbilical chord of the newly born drops off. Inheritance. We have similar dance in Benguet. The third day is called ‘buka’ (departure time). At this modern time, couples adopt the church wedding in addition to the traditional rites being conducted by the elders. If there are children, While the festivity is going on, the cooking and serving of food at the kitchen side is also non-stop. As Israel Formales in his  Mixed Culture puts it, ( In Sagada, the ancient burial ritual of hanging coffins from cliffs has been going on for more than 2,000 years. This manner of dressing and dancing is still done during weddings. Sagada  is found in the western part of Mountain Province, composed of nineteen barangays  namely: Aguid, Ambasing, Ankileng, Antadao, Balugan, Bangaan, Dagdag, Demang, Fidelisan, Kilong, Madongo, Poblacion (Patay), Pide, Nacagang, Suyo, Taccong, Tanulong, Tetepan Norte and Tetepan Sur. participation in the ebgan activities. A boy receives Create a free website or blog at For Sagadans Being an i-Sagada by birth, this writer could narrate the existing practices up to this time which are handed down from generation to generation. These stone slabs formed into a round venue is where in-depth belief in Cordillera culture and tradition is rekindled and passed on from generation to generation. If no children are born, a series of rituals is performed, They are also asked to offer any help they can give, this will prevent misfortunes to happen among the remaining family members. Marriage. Aside from functioning as a governing institution, the dap-ay also serves as venue for festivity. Unions such as these are The clothes worn by old men and women when they die are usually woven through traditional weaving called ‘pinagud’. Traditions that remained intact and depict culture with mystique charm. Marriage is the most important social event in Sagada and is the focus owners. Less bureaucratic and structured than formal democracy, these institutions have effectively sustained life in the village and helped enhance peace and social justice. Our culture has a good benefits that we can retain or include in our lifestyle.,. A bridal shower is a hen party where the would-be-bride is thrown a bash by all of her female friends before the marriage. The first day is the time they butcher animals needed for the wedding which is normally done somewhere- along the “wanga” (river) or mountain range where the carabao/cow is and the meat are hauled to the wedding place. Marriage. We’ve managed to preserve our rich culture. The grandparents,  distant relatives, neighbours and other elders in the community would gather in the house where the baby is, bringing along some presents like ‘etag’ (smoked meat), drinks, grains of rice, and others like cash as gifts for the baby. ( Log Out /  A chicken is butchered and after looking into the signs of the chicken bile (which should show desirable result expected by the elders) , the chicken is cooked together with all the etag brought in by the visitors and then this is served as meal.


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