Other names. Tomato 'Red Pear', Solanum lycopersicum 'Red Pear', Lycopersicum esculentum 'Red Fig'. Indeterminate. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. of 16–18°C (60–65°F). Genus. 'Red Pear' _ 'Red Pear' is a vigorous, upright, tender, perennial plant widely cultivated as an annual, with pinnate, toothed, hairy, strongly-scented, dark green leaves and yellow flowers in summer followed by small, glossy, edible, pear-shaped, red fruit from … Clusters of little pear-shaped red tomatoes. For heated greenhouses sow January onwards and unheated/outdoor March-April at a temp. Variety or Cultivar. Transplant into 9cm pots. Wonderfully sweet, juicy flesh, thin skins, lovely for snacking or whole in salads. Lycopersicon Lycopersicon. Tomato (Plum/Cherry) Red Pear is an unusual, fleshy pear-shaped 'cherry' tomato with a wonderfully sweet flesh. Growing Information. Plants develop generous trusses providing large harvests. These red pear-shaped cluster tomatoes are delicious in a salad or simply eaten as a healthy snack. They are also very attractive and can be used to make sauces or preserves.


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