Find more Japanese words at! This site uses the JMdict dictionary files. In Chinese this can mean: dark, gloomy, hidden, secret, to shut the door, unilluminated. Translation for: 'light and darkness' in English->Japanese dictionary. In Japanese this can mean: darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal. 闇 is the shortest and universal way (in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja) to write "darkness". light = hikari, akarusa (opposite of darkness), nikkou (sunlight), hi (match, lighter), kanten (view), akarui (opposite of dark), usui (opposite of dark color) Find all Alice Nine lyrics on JpopAsia featuring 0 translated, kanji, hangul, romaji lyrics for Alice Nine Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs. While the coat largely resembles Light Form, the left sleeve is black. Definition of darkness, meaning of darkness in Japanese: 9 definitions matched, 23 related definitions, and 33 example sentences; These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, and are used in conformance with the Group’s licence.. Japanese words for darkness include 闇, 暗闇, 暗黒, 暗がり, 陰翳, 陰影 and 闇黒. The pants are black on the left and grey on the right, with grey back pockets; white kanji are imprinted on the front of each pant leg, with the kanji for "darkness" (闇) on the left side and the kanji for "light" (光) on the right side.


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