To cool the chocolate, remove the bowl from the heat source, transfer the chocolate to a dry, cool bowl, and stir in a handful of solid chocolate chunks. Like seized chocolate, overheated chocolate can be rescued. So, how do I fix burnt chocolate? How to Fix Seized Chocolate Unless the chocolate is scorched, you can salvage it, but there's not much you can do if the chocolate has burned and clumped. I added a tablespoonful of hot water – still seized – another – a A Fix for Seized Chocolate: Fudge Sauce July 21, 2010 by KimiHarris 11 Comments (Pennywise Platter is live! The ratio of chocolate to glycerin was about 5:1 by volume, and I just eyeballed it. This fixed chocolate won’t create perfectly melted chocolate as it would have before but can be used to make ganache, or in cakes, brownies and cookies. Chocolate is highly sensitive to heat and shouldn’t exceed 45 degrees Celsius – which is quite easy to do if you’re melting it over a bain-marie or in the microwave! Add your thoughts and recipes). Water seemed extremely counter-intuitive, but as it was f***ed anyway, I went with it. Melting chocolate appears to be a pretty straightforward task on the road to confectionery nirvana, but anyone who has found themselves staring at a gritty, curdled mess instead of the perfectly smooth, molten sweet they were expecting knows that this technique can be a little trickier than it seems. If the chocolate you are melting turns grainy or lumpy (called “seizing”), remove the pan from the heat and stir in ½ to 1 t. shortening or cooking oil (margarine or butter won’t work). It's best to throw it out and start fresh. You can also make a chocolate sauce from seized chocolate by whisking in milk or cream. Use this quick tip to make your seized chocolate smooth again. The other day I wasn’t careful. I used a small glass ramekin and I just seized over a pound of organic fair trade dark chocolate and was in despair. I just brought a seized lump of chocolate back to life by adding glycerin and heating it slowly in a microwave.


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