Depending on the method, it can take 6 months or years. For full-time children under twelve years old learning Spanish: At Jump!, we predict roughly 9 months … According to the experts, in theory, in average, it takes 780 hours of class time while practicing Spanish, to become completely fluent. You can listen to a Spanish radio station or podcast while you walk, drive, or exercise. This means you use Spanish… While everyone agrees language immersion is the best way to become fluent, you can simulate brief periods of immersion by listening to real Spanish … For many, learning Spanish through immersion isn't the best way to learn Spanish or the easiest way to learn Spanish… Immersion School current students, and scores met with SOPA (Student Oral Proficiency Assessment). 8 best Spanish immersion gap year programs. Editor’s note: This information on Spanish immersion … Immersion, motivation, quality teaching and other factors can speed up … And with the warm hospitality of latin blood, a gap year Spanish immersion program is gonna be as caliente as salsa beats and as rico as your favorite taco filling. Then, listen to Spanish for another 30 minutes at any point in the day. 6 months for a rookie who is immersed in a multifaceted Spanish paradigm (being in Spain) and is having the time of her life with her Spanish friends. While there's no denying that immersion is probably the fastest way to learn Spanish, it's also arguably the most complicated.


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