They have helped create the entire garage door … Genie garage-door openers are known for their dependability, but if your system doesn't seem to be working quite right, you can adjust the open and close … Genie openers apply only limited force to the garage door during closing. There are also some openers that come with an auto-close feature that will automatically close the garage door after a preset amount of time, … If an operational problem exists, and the garage door opener will not close, the opener can be forced to close. Check garage door for binding. The door … Since then, Genie has worked hard to make their radio-controlled residential garage-door openers a household name. Door … Check for interference from adjacent photo eye sensors of any brand. Press and hold the wall console button until the garage door is completey closed. Turn the "Close" force dial in small increments until the garage door reaches the ground when you hit the "Close" button on the remote. Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener. Garage door openers are devices that use a motor to open and close garage doors automatically, removing all of the inconvenience of manually opening a garage door and saving time as well. Genie is one of the most prolific makers of garage door openers, and for good reason.


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