Far-to-far only water looks. At a time when over 48 lakh people across 30 districts have been affected by the #AssamFloods, the region’s traditional wisdom holds out hope. The book tells us how people from villages find ways to survive when floods strike year after year. Fours side looks only water. If one person in the village is in trouble, all are ready to help. In a Kenyan fishing village along Lake Victoria, women fought the practice of fishermen demanding sex in exchange for a catch of fish to sell. Funding for flood defences in England was cut sharply after David Cameron became prime minister in 2010, delaying many schemes. Fishlake flooding: Fears for village as more rain due. Some villager look by swimming with the help of boat, banana branch, bansh, pakhwar etc. Then came the floods of … The village of Fishlake, near Doncaster, was cut off by its worst flooding in living memory when the River Don burst its banks on Friday. The village obliterated by Storm Alex: Images show how French settlement was wiped out by storm as it emerges some 'victims' were dead bodies washed away from cemeteries by floodwaters Sachin Reddy, a farmer of Sangvi Khurd village in Solapur, looks at his godown completely damaged by the floods, on October 19, 2020. They were making progress. Assam Floods: Unique Bamboo Houses Help a Village Survive 7 Floods in 3 Years. Due to which they become homeless and helpless. Residents of a heavily flooded village in Yorkshire fear conditions could get worse as more rain is forecast. One day flood comes suddenly and destroys people’s home, equipments, animal, etc. (PRATHAM GOKHALE/HT) It was restored after serious flooding … It seems that whole village submerged into water.


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