Recent Complaints. Kishan Panday filed complaint against Travolook. As per the SC order, credit shell should be granted for cancelled tickets. I wish that my consumer complaint will get resolved soon. 10th August 2020 matt murphy in the dark. - Bookings will be automatically cancelled with zero cancellation fee and a credit shell for the full amount will be created, which may be usedfor the same passenger (s) for booking and travel on or before 31st March , 2021. Apoorv Mahajan filed complaint against Happyeasygo/spicejet. credit shell is a credit note created against a cancelled PNR to be used for a future booking, for the same passenger/s. For bookings cancelled between March 25, 2020 to May 3, 2020, credit shell can be used for travel on or before February 28, 2021 and for bookings cancelled between May 4, 2020 to May 31, 2020, credit shell can be used for travel on or before March 31, 2021 to make another booking as well as to book ancillary products for the same passenger(s) from our website . Spicejet confirmed me of travel date and the credit shell (PNR -NCFLPW) but it can be used only through Goibibo. spicejet credit shell balance check. Credit Shell Usage Options. - SpiceJet will credit the entire amount as a credit shell under your current PNR (Passenger Name Record). I am not able to retrieve/use my credit Shell amount for PNR OC7EKW. As you may be already aware. I have booked tickets in spice jet using Goibibo during lockdown. File a complaint. I booked a flight ticket for my family with spicejet, the travel date is supposed to be in july 5 but due to covid situation the flight is cancelled by spicejet and informed us that the flight is cancelled and the amount is saved with them as credit shell and we must travel within march 31, 2021. However, Goibibo is totally not reachable and as per their online records, I have never booked tickets with them. Complaints againt HappyEasyGo/Spicejet. Credit Shell is a form of credit note, which can be used to make a new booking with Spicejet for the same passenger(s) for travel on or before February 28, 2021. Altaf filed complaint against Bezishop . IndiGo is crediting credit shell (CS), account for all bookings affected for cancelled flights due to COVID-19, even though the booking was created through your travel agent or third-party website.


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