It was a few moments’ sojourn in last scorching summer under the roof made by dense green leaves of the mango trees and in the ground where sunrays were playing hide and seek with the dry leaves in our village. The courtship feeding display perhaps provide the female tern the assurance that her male mate will be a good provider of fish for both she and the young. Singing. At first, it is the bird equivalent of a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers - a means for the male to woo the female and strengthen and maintain the pair bond. “An article on “Courtship feeding in birds” by David Lack supports that some birds do have female to male courtship feeding – PDF. One was the King and the other his wife, the queen. During the courtship, the male dabbles or holds some unusual food or quasi food while giving a special call. One of the most common ways birds attract a mate is by singing. Courtship feeding occurs in many species of birds, and it has two main functions. “We usually see male birds feeding females as part of a courtship ritual. Both male and female Least Terns feed the chicks for the first several months after hatching; the better the fisherman, the stronger the chicks. Offering food is a really adorable courtship ritual in birds. Allofeeding also refers to food sharing between adults of the same species. Their bodies were deep and bright orange coloured, and their conjugal life as well was colourful in the same manner, almost same … Courtship behaviour can also help birds distinguish between different species or even sexes, and can reduce the aggression normally displayed when defending territory. Feeding. Courtship feeding calls in gallinaceous birds.-Most male gallinaceous birds perform courtship feeding to attract a female. This we understand as providing nutrients to the female or indicating the male is a good provider. Some shy males bring food and leave it nearby for her to eat. A male bird may bring a morsel to the female, proving to the female his ability to find and share the food, so that she can really be carefree during maternity and after the delivery. This almost invariably causes any nearby female to approach and take the food. Courtship behavior can include things like food delivery, dance moves (displays), and mutual preening. Male Oriental Pied Hornbill. Although in some avian species both sexes will sing during courtship as a way of bonding, it is usually only the male who sings. Allofeeding is a type of food sharing behaviour observed in cooperatively breeding species of birds.Allofeeding refers to a parent, sibling or unrelated adult bird feeding altricial hatchlings, which are dependent on parental care for their survival.


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