Recipe by Cook Food Mood. sprigs fresh cilantro. Although it is a strange Chinese food, the delicious taste is really worthy of trying! tablespoons oil. "Drunken Shrimp," which uses a native red wine is one of my favorites. 700 . 1 . (Here in the Western world, the term is used to describe shrimp that have been marinated in alcohol prior to eating, but the true Chinese interpretation of the meal is best described as eating live uncooked shrimp* that have been "stunned" by immersion in alcohol.) g large shrimp. Drunken Shrimp. Chinese Drunken Prawns. READY IN: 10mins. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. 2 . 1 ⁄ 2. teaspoon salt. DIRECTIONS. Create account Login To lesson list → Lessons / Category: Food / Drunken Shrimp. 1 . Quick, no-fuss drunken prawns cooked the Oriental way! 100 . You’ll watch the shrimp go from struggling to be drunk and finally calm down. SERVES: 4. tablespoon sesame oil. upper intermediate 2019-01-18. ml Chinese wine. 600 . Advertisement. UNITS: US. Save lesson What happens when Chinese people feed shrimps alcohol? What happens when Chinese people feed shrimps alcohol? After, pour the prepared sauce over the shrimp, and you can taste the freshness of the shrimp, as well as the aroma of the wine. g gingerroot, shredded . 2 . teaspoon sugar.


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