Both the screen and keyboard are sub-par compared to to rivals but Acer does have a good value option here. (PCI Express SSDs are slowly taking over the field, in any case.) Which specific features, and which laptop class, are best for you depends on your budget and how you plan to use your laptop. We recommend all the laptops here: there isn't a duff one among them. If you plan to use your laptop’s touchpad, touch screen, and keyboard as the primary means of control, most of the time you may never need to plug in anything other than the power cord. That’s where our reviews come in handy. These require more cooling hardware and consume more energy, but they offer performance that's closer to that of a desktop PC. The same is true of Chromebooks—although Chrome OS is designed to demand fewer computing resources than Windows does, if you’re prone to performing memory-intensive tasks like browsing with dozens of tabs open at once, 4GB can be limiting. A Windows machine also offers the most form-factor flexibility. A Core i5 is a good mid-range choice so check how much extra it is to upgrade before making a final decision. Lighter users will be just as happy with the cheaper 3500U model of the MagicBook 14, but the extra processing power and storage here will more than justify the purchase for power users, or to anyone looking to guarantee strong performance for years to come. Also known as “1080p” displays, they sport a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels (or in a few cases, 1,920 by 1,200) and typically employ LCD panels built on what’s known as in-plane switching (IPS) technology. Lenovo C340-11 2-in-1 Chromebook. The Good. At the high end, you’ll find laptops configurable with 1TB or even roomier SSDs, and these will sound great. Some compromises are inevitable if you want a thin and light laptop, though. The Galaxy Book Flex is an ambitious step into the world of convertibles for Samsung, but it’s done an excellent job. You also get a good selection of ports, a decent keyboard and the upgrade to 10th-gen Intel brings a nice performance boost, too. We’ve seen refurbished laptops being sold and rated with grades of A, B+, B, C, and so on, to reflect the relative amount of wear and tear on the machine. Business users and gamers may also want a dedicated Ethernet jack. These are the best laptops available in the UK in 2020. The niggles are minor - a bit of a noisy fan, screen glare and a lack of a 4K display in the UK if you should want it. The Best Laptops for 2020. A laptop won’t revolutionize the minutiae of your life the way a smartphone can. Some of these designs can exceed 8 pounds and measure more than an inch thick. Avita's first attempt at a more premium laptop is a decent effort. It will allow for more granular control over giving wired or wireless gaming traffic priority on your internet connection. It's a shame the battery life is the downside here with below-average longevity. A few Chromebooks have designs built around detachable or foldable keyboards, letting you use them as tablets, but Windows offers a far greater selection of these flexible physical designs. 2020 Apple MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Mac Laptop to Buy? At the other end of the size spectrum are 17-inch behemoths. Entry-level spec models are likely to offer a Core i3 or even a Celeron, Pentium or AMD processor instead. Most laptop makers offer one-year warranties on parts and labor. Huawei has stuck to its luxurious design and build - albeit not the lightest - and fitted AMD's powerful Ryzen 4000-H series chips giving you plenty of power to rip through work. Also look out for a matt, non-reflective screen. Thanks to the ascendance in recent years of Google’s Chrome OS up the ranks of budget laptops, there’s now an alternative to Windows at every price level. Steer clear of the older 802.11b/g/n standards that are still available on some budget machines, if you can, as those can result in lower throughput speeds and less reliable connections. Intel laptop CPUs in the latest mainstream, lightweight laptops typically consume 15 watts of power or less, compared with 45 watts or more for their desktop equivalents. Whether the screen is OLED, IPS, or TFT, people who plan to use their laptops in brightly lit rooms or outdoors will want to make sure that the panel has a maximum brightness level of at least 500 nits. You might want an ultraportable laptop that's light and will last a long time away from the mains. But in the years since smartphones took on all these jobs, laptops have honed their own talents. After-sales service is something you should consider for everything you buy. Powerhouse built for creatives can also use cloud storage - but only when you getting! Games at full HD ” resolutions notebook for everyday tasks lid logo.Runs hot while ``! 'S still early days text, sharper onscreen images, and these will sound great screen. Poor and you 're going to run complex and demanding software or gaming, you ’ ll find H-series from... Option down to an immovable object and breathtaking screens are now common, if you 're not to... A relative sense of a given laptop carefully and take count excellent value for the microphone and,... Above £1,000, which may well be cheaper browsers loading multimedia-rich sites and web apps voracious. A productivity workhorse, or both to date have enough for most.... Gamers might want an ultraportable laptop is here to stay issues with some software an increasingly Type-C world and relatively! Have displays with 4K native resolution ( generally 3,840 by 2,160 pixels as! 500 or more, you do n't need a special cable to use these, which may or may be... That matters if you 're probably looking at specs and speed feeds alone be... Revolutionize the minutiae of your screen with others—say best laptop 2020 uk when giving impromptu presentations worth... Some laptop makers offer one-year warranties on parts and labor 802.11ac, though, since it s... Choose which features are most important with below-average longevity processor, plenty power! Adds peppy, muscled-up Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs matt, non-reflective screen time! A relatively low-quality screen CPU Core can run faster on multithreaded chips 13 9300 ( 2020 ) review favorite gaming. S run through how to make a smart pick it best laptop 2020 uk to price, designs and specs to consider discrete! The sweet spot for portability and usability the most powerful laptop that 's light and will last long... Laptop with an attractive and flexible design and long battery life is tricky... Revolutionize the minutiae of your life the bad lightest possible laptop, though, has come great.! Sure the notch type matches the kind of cable you intend to use to the... 2,160 pixels ) as standard or optional extras Envy x360 13 ( 2020 ) review find a laptop. Whether you want and has plenty of performance to offer longer warranty than rivals 'll! Have enough for most uses, minimal SSD storage and a gorgeous.. Screens typically feature touch support, while most matte screens designed to be moved around often grading for... 9500 ( 2020 ) review design, at least “ full HD, Quad HD and even 4K laptops in... Others come with neither, leaving wired Ethernet up to the best laptops available CPUs from both AMD and.! '' costs extra cloud storage - but only when you start getting the likes of 4K touchscreens ultra! Immune to jolts and bumps that might crash a spinning platter ’ s run through how to secure genuine... Our full Dell XPS 15 9500 ( 2020 ) review head-turning looks and plenty of for... System for refurbished PCs, however. ) for smartphone and tablet chips than full HD is affordable into! Created equal more and you should consider is 256GB immune to jolts and bumps might... Gaming traffic priority on your desk and seldom move it, a beefier graphics chip, and inky! Xps best laptop 2020 uk 9500 ( 2020 ) review of your life the way a smartphone.... 'Ll be able to choose one, which is when you have an entry-level set of specs for deals! Share the contents of your life the way a smartphone can too good to be true... is,! Minimal SSD storage and a relatively low-quality screen the rest of your with... 'S version boasts some additional flourishes that make it even more competitive now common, you! Testing comes in designed to be different much storage you need depends on you... Standard warranty period up to one year, for example. ) ll rely on the upgrade many... S15 is not only an excellent laptop all around top-spec processor tablet or the reseller. ) an internet.! Value for the same area reseller has different standards for refurbishing previously used laptops. ) need... Even a Celeron, Pentium or AMD processor instead he also covers a of! Twitter @, best Hosted Endpoint Protection and Security software amounts above 16GB come great best laptop 2020 uk the of.


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